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enfriamiento multiple

Multiple Cooling System

Our new designed vitrification container, Cryotec and new highest probability Vitrification solution realizes multiple cooling (both open and closed) with same clinical efficiency.

100% Post-warm Survival

Anyone can obtain 100% post-warm survival rates for human oocytes and embryos by strictly keeping Dr.Kuwayama’s original vitrification/warming protocol. It is called “the Cryotec method”

repruducción fácil

Most effective, easiest and safety

The Cryotec method is highly simplified vitrification protocol. Easy for anyone. All the solutions (every batch) have been examined their safety and also effectiveness with repeated chemical and animal experiments. Only 100% survival proved solutions are provided.

vitrificación de alto rendimiento

High Performance Vitrification

Cryo Tech Lab was established to capacitate and widespread our technologies on cryopreservation using high performance vitrification.

centros reproductivos

Support Artificial Reproductive Centers

Cryotech supports Artificial Reproductive Centers all over the world in the preservation of oocytes and embryos

supervivencia exitosa

99%+ Survival

More than 99% survival, increasing the efficiency and success of artificial reproductive centres all around the world.

It’s like Magic but Science! 100% Survival Vitrification

Vitrification for oocytes

Vitrification for embryos

Vitrification for blastocysts

The Vitrification Master

Dr. Masashige Kuwayama is a highly skilled embryologist and has introduced several novel procedures to vitrify oocytes and embryos, including his latest – The Cryotec Method.


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